Draco's Neverwinter Nights 2 Custom Content

Welcome. My NWN2 community name is Draco (Rayne) and some people may have seen my name as Fuegan on the NWVault. I've recently started doing some modding for NWN2 and I must say that it is more fun than I had imagined. I like having an idea, or a concept and building that to completion one small step at a time. It's very gratifying to see a class or something else working completely as you want it, after all the time you have invested in it. And it's even more fun when people actually like your work and appreciate it. Therefore I have decided to do some more modding and I have created this Wiki so I can inform everyone who is interested in what I'm currently doing and how it's coming along. I'll try to keep this as up to date as possible.

If anyone has suggestions or requests, you can let me know what you think on the Requests forum. Since I don't have any source books besides the PHB, DMG and MM, I can use any info you have. If you have any you want to share, feel free to add a new page to the wiki. Just enter the name of the class you want to add below and press new page. I will link the new page to the classes on the request page so the info is easy to access for myself and everyone who wishes to view it.

My NWN2 custom community projects wil be put on hold for a while. Some friends of mine have started playing World of Warcraft again and so I have joined them once again in Azeroth. I remember from the past 2 years that I played, that it can be a horribly time consuming game, though nothing beats some fun time with your friends. Anyway, since I won't have much time left to create or update things for NWN2, I've put this project 'on hold' for now. I wouldn't be surprised if I stopped playing WoW in a few months, so who knows, maybe I will continue with NWN2 in a while. If anyone has some questions regarding some mods I have released, feel free to use the mailaddress in the Contact tab and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

- Draco

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