Bear warrior
Hit die: d12
frenzy or rage
feats: power attack
Bab +7
Class skills: listen and survival
Skill points at each additional level: 4 + int modifier

Class features:

Weapons and armor: no new proficiencies with either

Bear form: a bear warrior can transform into a bear( similar to polymorph) while in rage or frenzy. His only limit on the number of times per day he can assume a bear form is the number of times per day he enters a rage or frenzy, and the bear warrior returns to his natural form after the rage or frenzy ends. The bear warrior retains the normal +2 will saves and -2 ac penalty while raging, but the ability score bonuses granted by rage or frenzy are replaced by str, con or dexterity bonuses appropriate to the bear form taken( see below)As normal for poly morph , the bear warrior gains the bear form’s physical qualities(including size, bite, natural ac, movement, natural weapons and space). As well as any extraordinary special attacks possessed by that form( such as improved grab in brown bear form and dire bear form). The transformation lasts as long as the rage or frenzy.
Unlike the polymorph spell, a bear warrior doesn’t gain the bear str, dex or con scores when he takes a bear form, nor does he regain any hitpoints when he transforms. However his current hit points increase due to his new constitution, as normal per rage ability.
Any bear warrior can assume black bear form once per day. While in black bear form he gains a +8 bonus to str, a +2 bonus t odex and a +4bonus to constitution.
At 5th level, a bear warrior can assume bear form twice per day and choose between a brown bear and a black bear forms. While in brown bear form, he gains a +16 bonus to str, +2 bonus to dex and a +8 bonus to con.
At 10th level, a bear warrior can assume bear form 3 times per day and can choose between black, brown and dire bear forms. While in dire bear form, he gains a +20 bonus to str, a +2 bonus to dex and a +8 bonus to con.

At 3rd level a bear warrior gains the scent special ability( see page 314 of the mm) while in bear form or non bear form.
[{Opinionated note: substitute with keen senses if need be}]

Rage +1/day:when a bear warrior attains 7th level, the number of times per day that he can enter a state of rage or frenzy increases by 1.For example a 7th lvl barb/7th lvl BW, can rage three times per day. If that character was to gain 1 more lvl of barb he could rage 4 times per day.

Lvl1: bab+1, fort+ 2 ref 0, will0: bear form(black
2nd:bab+2, fort 3, ref+ 0,will +0
3rd: bab+ 3, fort 3,ref +1,will+ 1:scent
4th: bab 4, fort 4, ref 1, will 1:
5th bab 5, fort 4, ref 1, will 1: bear form( brown)
6th: bab 6, fort 5, ref 2, will 2
7th: bab 7, fort 5, ref 2,will2: rage +1 a day
8th: bab 8, fort 6, ref 2, will2
9th : bab 9, fort6, ref 3, will 3
10: bab 10 fort 7, ref 3, will 3: bear form( dire)

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