14 November 2007
My NWN2 custom community projects wil be put on hold for a while. Some friends of mine have started playing World of Warcraft again and so I have joined them once again in Azeroth. I remember from the past 2 years that I played, that it can be a horribly time consuming game, though nothing beats some fun time with your friends. Anyway, since I won't have much time left to create or update things for NWN2, I've put this project 'on hold' for now. I wouldn't be surprised if I stopped playing WoW in a few months, so who knows, maybe I will continue with NWN2 in a while. If anyone has some questions regarding some mods I have released, feel free to use the mailaddress in the Contact tab and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

1 November 2007
Aargh, I'm going crazy here. Just when I think all the stuff from the combined mod works, another thing breaks. I've spent all of yesterday trying to find out what the hell was wrong with the warlockbuddy, and just now I find out that the Eldritch Theurge's spellblast selection from the quickcast menu suddenly doesn't work anymore. Very very frustrating. Another day of bughunting it is :(

29 October 2007
Wow, allready a week since my last blog update, and I haven't changed a thing. It's been quite busy this last week. I've had little time and what time I had left has been spent playing the game. Also, I've been working together with Reeron and Kaedrin to finish the last parts of the merged file, which also required some extra work. Anyway, I expect to have more time this week. I had hoped to finish the COCL before the merge with Kaedrin and Reeron, but since I haven't had much time yet to test the class properly, I'll just have to put that off for a few days.

22 October 2007
Haven't had much time to work this weekend, quite busy with other stuff. Birthdays, work, etc. But I managed to do some changes to the Eldritch Theurge class. Now the selecting of Spellblast and Greatreach Spellblast can be done with the quickcast menu, making the ugly spellbook workaround no longer needed. I also made the Eldritch Spellweave work with wizard class now. They couldn't select essences as metamagics before, because there is no way to memorize spells with essences, even though they are legitemate metamagics. Sorcerers didn't have that problem, as they could simply use the metamagic on the fly and cast the appropriate spells with the quickcast menu. Anyway, I added a new popup page to the Warlock Buddy, similar to the hidious blow page. It gives the option to set the metamagic manually. If no other metamagic is selected, the spells will use the metamagic selected from the warlock buddy.

So the Eldritch Theurge is pretty much fixed to how I wanted it (and works properly with wizards this time around), now I just need to finish Champion of Corellon Lerathian, wait for Kaedrin's update and add compatibility for his work and then the update will be done and I can get started on the new warlock project :).

16 October 2007
I finished MOTB yesterday. Must say that it wasn't the least bit disappointing, even though my expectations were allready quite high :). And One of Many is probably THE best charactar concept ever.

But enough of that, I also went back to the modding table today. Started preparing some stuff to make my CAP compatible with Reeron's Spellfixes, Player1's feat fixes (and some of his spellfixes as well) and offcourse Kaedrin's PRC pack. So far I got the dialog and the 2da's ready, but I still need to combine all the spells. Both Player1 and Reeron have done quite an extensive job of fixing the spells, so I have to combine their work which is still a lot of work probably. But I can't continue with that until I can recompile the changed spells which I need reeronspellinclude to do that.

So in the mean time, I'm finishing where I left off before playing MOTB, the Champion of Corellon Larethian. I did most of the 2da work 2 weeks ago, today I started on the scripts. I finished the Corellon's Blessing ability (recycled Lay on hands), Superior Defense and Elegant Strike. So now I just need to do Corellon's Wrath and start testing the class.

6 October 2007
After a few days of converting everything to MOTB, I've finally managed to get some other work done. Fortunately, I didn't have all that much to change just yet, but I can't imagine how much time the next expansion is going to cost me. I assume I have a lot more work finished by then :). Anyway, I've also started merging Kaedrin's work again, but he said he still had a lot of stuff to change for MOTB, so I haven't uploaded anything yet. I'll hold off on that until Kaedrin has actually updated his stuff himself. Then I'll just finish merging our stuff again.

Anyway, I made a fun little gimmick for warlocks yesterday. Just some forum thread which suddenly gave me a good idea of how to implement the warlock's Hideous Blow properly. After toying around with it a bit, I've made some more changes and I'm quite happy with the results. Besides being able to use hideous blow instantly (if cast out of combat) and the fact that it re-applies itself each round and that you have the option to instantly switch essences makes it very usefull for warlocks stuck in melee. And I've also added support for Walk Unseen. I'm currently playing MOTB (when I actually get around to playing, I want to change too much) with a warlock/rogue, so Walk Unseen is often used. So the Walk Unseen also autocasts itself, but only out of combat. In combat it can only be cast manually. It's a nice change for anyone playing with warlocks a lot.

3 October 2007
Got my copy of MOTB later this afternoon. Hadn't had much of a chance to work with it, since I had to do some real work tonight, but I'll just have to make up for it when I get back home. I'm planning on at least getting the Mystic Theurge, Ultimate Magus and Swashbuckler working tonight and then I'll do the final touches on the Eldritch Theurge and the merged hack with Kaedrin's stuff in it tomorrow. And I have added the changed files link today. Here I'll add whatever files I have changed that are not unique to a certain class. This should make it more easy for people to merge the stuff or figure out what they need if they just want to add a few things.

3 October 2007
Well, I'm pretty much done with the Eldritch Theurge. Some stuff I had to do a little bit different than I would've liked, but at least everything is functional. I'll release a version for testing tonight when I get back from work. If my retailer was correct, I should also be getting MOTB today, so I can start getting the old stuff up to date, most notably getting the Mystic Theurge to work with the new classes and giving the Ultimate Magus a better layer of polish, since I unintentionally missed the classabilities last time.

30 September 2007
I haven't had much time today, but I managed to implement the Spellblast and Greatreach Spellblast as metamagic essences, which they are supposed to be. Too bad it's not possible to set prereqs for spells like it is for feats, but then I'll just have to mention in the description that the essence only works with the right amount of Eldritch Theurge levels. Now it's just the Eldritch Spellweave ability remaining, and after that mass testing time and we should be done.

29 September 2007, Eldritch Theurge
Well, I got the Greatreach Blast working. I managed to use the decrement function after all, it suddenly worked after changing the order of the code a bit. Anyway, this means I won't have to do 400 spells, but just work out the spell effects in a single include file. The Greatreach Blast was easy, there aren't that many touch attacks in game, but getting Spellblast to work with all AoE spells is going to take some time. But it looks to be quite an interesting ability. Certainly gives the Warlock some blasting power.

28 September 2007, Eldritch Theurge
Right now I'm focussing completely on the Eldritch Theurge. My copy of MOTB still hasn't arrived (last time I use that cheap retailer, only saves me € 3,50 anyway), so I still have time. But damn, those abilities are harder to implement then I thought. It would've been so much easier if the spellhook system would work actually work the moment you click the spell instead of when the spell is cast. Right now, when I use a touch attack spell, the character first walks to the enemy, then proceeds to cast the spell and only THEN realises he should do a touch attack with a 400 mile range… I've thought of numerous other ways of implementing it. I have a system working now which actually casts the spells the way it should, but without removing a spell use (that decrement function doesn't seem to work the way I used it). My next try will be simply adding a second version of each spell that will automatically use the right spell and blast, but that would mean all other characters that are not eldritch theurges will also see the ability to use the blst (but it won't do anything for them). I think I'll experiment with that some more.

28 September 2007, Eldritch Theurge
I managed to get the basic stuff of the Eldritch Theurge working. There were some lingering spell progression feats for warlocks in the feat.2da that worked for spell progression. I managed to edit the invocations to increase Blast damage with ET levels and the fiendish resilience and DR/cold iron abilities both work. Now it's on to the special abilities. I've done some checking, but the best way for me to include the special abilities, is to manually edit all the spells and add the proper code. But I think it will be worth it. This class deserves some special attention :)

27 September 2007, GUI
Well, turns out there are some workarounds for the spellcasting problems, but I found out that Jallaix is currently working on a similar project and he has much more experience with the GUI then me and has progressed a lot further. So I will put the custom gui and the Archivist and Dread Necromancer on hold for a while and focus on scripting some more classes. And possibly doing some necromancy spells, because they seem to need some loving. But first I'll wait to see what new necromancy spells are added in MOTB. As soon as Jaillax finishes his custom spellbook mod, I will try to implement the Archivist and Dread Necro.

27 September 2007, GUI
Things went pretty fast from the point where I got the basic stuff working. I managed to create a spellbook and quickcast system which recognized the spells I put in the custom spellbook. The only problem was when I started experimenting with actually trying to start casting. The script commands for casting spells are fairly limited. And when trying to cast a spell, you have to determine beforehand what kind of spell it is, who it effects, etc. That's something which cannot be done in a spellbook, since you never know what spells someone is going to pick.
The second problem I encountered was that the script commands don't allow you to enter a caster level for the spells. So when using a custom class, the caster level will probably be 0 for all spells. Hopefully I can find a solution for these problems, but it looks like my best chance is to wait for improved scripting and UI commands.

26 September 2007, GUI
After getting off on a slow start, I finally got some basic functionality working for the Spells Known screen. The UI reads the data from the custom spellbook and pics the right text/images for the spells. I still have to get the spell ID's from the custom spellbook data and set them as int values on the spells in the UI. I also still have to work on metamagic, the Spells Memorized screen, the quickcast menu, etc. Still a long way to go, but at least I'm getting somewhere.

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