Champion of Corellon Larethian

race:elf or half elf
alingment: any non-evil
BaB: 7
skills: diplomacy 7,lore 2
feats:martial weapon proficiency and heavy armor,combat expertise, dodge. weapon focus longsword

Class features
HD: D10

lvl 1 bab 1 fort 2 reflex 0 will 2 corellon's blessin bonus feat
lvl 2 bab 2 fort 3 reflex 0 will 3 elegant strike
lvl 3 bab 3 fort 3 reflex 1 will 3 superior defense +1
lvl 4 bab 4 fort 4 reflex 1 will 4 bonus feat
lvl 5 bab 5 fort 4 reflex 1 will 4 unimpeded movement
lvl 6 bab 6 fort 5 reflex 2 will 5 superior defense +2
lvl 7 bab 7 fort 5 reflex 2 will 5 bonus feat
lvl 8 bab 8 fort 6 reflex 2 will 6 correlon's wrath
lvl 9 bab 9 fort 6 reflex 3 will 6 superior defense+3
lvl 10 bab10 fort 7 reflex 3 will 7 bonus feat

2+ int modifier
concentration, diplomacy, heal, intimidate, lore, spell craft, craft (any {armor,weapon and trap})

Class features:
weapon& armor proficency: gains no amor or weapon proficiency

Corellon's blessing: upon entering this class, you gain the ability to heal wounds by touch, much like a paladin's lay on hands ability. Each day you may heal a total number of hit points equal to your champion lvl x your cha modifier(minum 1). For example a 6th lvl chammpion with cha 14 will can heal a total of 12 points of damage per day you can choose to divide this healing between multiple recipients, and you dont have to use this all at once. using this ability is a standard action. You can use any or all of this power to to deal damage against undead creatures, using corellon's blessing this way requires a succsessful touch melee attack and doesnt provoke an attack of opprotunity. You decide how much of your daily healing to use as damage after successfully touching your undead foe. (The rest of the description contains information for when you have paladin lvls, however NWN2 has no paladins of corellon larethian)

Bonus feat: at first lvl and every three lvls afterwards, you gain a bonus feat. this must be a feat noted as a bonus fughter feat, and the feat must have combat expertise,and dodge as a prerequisite.

Elegant strike: upon raching the 2nd lvl, you become able to place your your attacks where they deal greater damage. you apply your dexterity modifier to your damage rolls(in addition to your str modifier) with any of the following weapons:longsword,scimitar and rapier. Targets immune to sneak attack are immune to your elegant strike.

Superior defense: at 3rd lvl you learn special techniques for making the best use of an elf's natural agility even while wearing restrictive armor. the maximum dexterity bonus for any medium or heavy armor(including mythral) increases by 1. for example, afull plate normally has a maximum dexterity bonus of +1, but the superoir defense ability increases this to +2 at 6th lvl you improve the dexterity bonus of medium and heavy armor +2 and at 9th by +3.

Uninpending movement:at 5th lvl you no longer reduce your movement when wearing medium or heavy armor. (You still reduce your movement if carrying a medium or heavy load, however.)
If you know the srping attack feat, your unimpmovement ability allows you to use spring attack even while in heavy armor.

Corellons wrath: at 8th lvl, you gain the ability to briefly channel the divine power of Corellon Larethian, enveloping one melee weapon with a veil of incandesent light as a free gain a sacred +2 to your attack rolls and deal an extra 2d6 points of damage with each melee attack you make with the effected weapon for 1 round. while corellon's wrath is in effect, the weapon is considered magic and good aligned for the purpose for overcoming damage redcution. You can use this ability 3+ your cha modifier( mimimum 1) number of times a day.

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