Dark Hunter

skills: craft trap 5,lore 2, move silently 2 ranks, survival 2 ranks
feats: blind fight, track
lvl1:bab 1 fort 0,reflex+2 will 0:improved stone cunning
lvl 2:bab 2 fort 0, reflex 3,will 0: enhanced darkvision
lvl 3:bab 3 fort 1 reflex 3,will 1:sneak attack 1d6
lvl 4: bab4 fort 1 reflex 4,will 1:stone's hue
lvl 5: bab 5, fort 1,reflex 4, will 1: death attack

class skills:
skill points per lvl 4+int modifier
concentration,craft,disable device,lore,listen,move silently,hide,spot, survival

class features:
weapons and armor:dark hunters gain no proficiecy with any armor or weapons.

improved stonecunning: a dark hunter gains the stone cunning ability possedby the dwarves(see page 15 of phb;or the srd on dwarves)or, if the player already has the ability,she increases her bonus from +2 to +4 on checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding wall,stonework traps etc…

enhanced darkvision: dark hunters spend most of their lives in the deepest darkest caverns they can find. As the darhunter's skills improve,her almost mystical understanding of the deep caverns sharpen her inborn visual acuity. if the dark hunter does not already have darkvision when she reaches 2nd lvl, she gains it at a range of 30 ft.

sneak atack:same as the rogue save it doesnt go up in levels

Stone hue: when whithin 5 feat of a stone or earth wall, a Dark Hunter can take on the coloration of the and may seem to blend into the surface of the wall. As long as the darkhunter is within 5 feet of the wall she gains a +10 circumstance bonus on hide checks and can successfully hide herself from view in the open without having anything to hide behind.

Stone hue note: in natural surroundings grant the +10 to hide like the ranger's HiPS does)

Death attack: same as assassin

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