Dread Commando

Dread commando
Hit die d8
Entry requirements:
BAB +5
Skills: hide 6, move silently 6
Feats: dodge mobility

Lvl 1: bab 1. fort 0,reflex 2, will 0: sudden strike+1d6,team initiative bonus
Lvl 2: bab 2,fort 0 reflex 3,will0: armored ease 2
Lvl 3: bab3,fort 1,reflex 3,will 1:sudden strike 2d6
Lvl 4:bab 4,fort 1,reflex 4,will 1:armored ease +4 stealthy movement
Lvl 5: bab 5, fort 1,reflex 4,will 1: sudden strike 3d6

Class skills:
Skill points per level 6+int modifier
Craft, disable device, hide, move silently, knowledge (geography,), listen, open lock, spot, and search

Note: substitution for knowledge {geography} with survival as lore wouldn’t really make since for it imo.
Class features:
Sudden strike: functions exactly like sneak attack(see rogue class ability) and stacks with sneak attack from other sources. (IE rogue, assassin, ninja etc……)
{sudden strike and sneak attack: for the purpose for feats, prcs, and similar options that require a minimum sneak attack damage die, treat the dread commando’s sudden strike ability as the equivalent of sneak attack}

Team initiative bonus: you are skilled at keeping a team organized and ready for danger. All allies with in 30’ (including yourself) gain a competence bonus on initiative checks equal to your class level.
[Opinionated Team Initiative Bonus note]: if the initiative is hard coded again like it was in nwn1, then this feature could be modified a bit to add the bonus to the reflex throws instead.
Either way, it would operate like the bard’s inspiration class ability.

Armored ease: you learn to adapt your movements to the restrictive nature of your armor. Beginning at 2nd level, you reduce the armor check penalty of any armor with you are proficient by 2(to a min of 0). AT 4th level, this reduction is increases to 4 points (min 0)

[Opinionated Armored Ease note]: if this feature isn’t doable the way it is in pnp, then it could be altered to use a feat that would effectively be skill focus for all the skills that would be affected at level 2 and one at 4th level that would effectively be greater skill focus for all the skills that would require armor checks.

Stealthy movement: you learn to remain quiet and hidden even while mobile. Beginning at 4th level you take no penalty on hide and move silently checks while moving at up to your normal speed, and you take -10 penalty on hide and move silently checks while running or charging( instead of the usual -20)
[Opinionated Stealthy Movement Note]: sounds a bit like that swift and silent feat more or less, consider to just grant the feat for free if all else fails)

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