Eldritch Theurge

Most of those who find themselves blessed (or cursed) with magic burning in their fiendish blood become warlocks, but a rare few study formal magic to better understand and control their powers. The result is the eldritch theurge, a master of both spells and invocations, a mage with the terrifying combination of potent spells and a reserve of abilities he can't possibly exhaust.



Skills: Lore 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks
Spellcasting: Able to cast 2nd-level arcane spells, able to use least invocations, eldritch blast +2d6

Class Features
HD: D4
BAB - Medium
Saves - As mage
Spellcasting - Arcane and Warlock +1 increase each level
1 - DR 1/Cold Iron
2 - Fiendish resilience 1
3 - Spellblast
4 - DR 2/Cold Iron
5 - Eldritch spellweave
7 - DR 3/Cold Iron
9 - Fiendish resilience 2
10 - DR 4/Cold Iron, Greatreach Spellblast

Both DR/Cold Iron and Fiendish Resilience stack with those of the warlock class.

Eldritch Spellweave: Lets you apply any eldritch essence invocation you know into an arcane spell that requires a melee or ranged touch attack. The spell's level must be as high as the eldritch essence invocation used. If the essence requires a saving throw, use the normal save for the essence. If the essence changes the type of damage, it can only be applied to a damaging spell

2 invocations unique to the Eldritch Theurge:

Lesser Invocation:
Spellblast: Lets you place an arcane spell that affects an area (like fireball) into your eldritch blast so that when the blast hits, the spell takes effect too.

Greater Invocation:
Greatreach Spellblast: Let's you place an arcane spell with a range of touch (like vampiric touch or shocking grasp) into your eldritch blast so that when your blast hits, the spell takes affect too.

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