feats frozen magic
spells:able to cast 1rst lvl arcane spells
skills: knowledge (arcana) 8 ranks substitute lore or spell craft
class skills: concentration, craft(alchemy), lore, search, spell craft
skill points at each level 2+ int modifier

class features:
weapons and armor: frost mages gain no proficiency with weapons or armor

spells per day/spells known: +1 level of existing class.

natural armor increase: at 1st, 4th,7ty and 10th level a frost mage's body becomes more like the ice he venerates. His skin turns whiter and colder to the touches the permanent layer of frost grows deeper. This provides an increase to the character's existing natural ac. The rest isnt doable as there are no temperatures in the game.

Resistant to cold: starting at 2nd level, the frost mage's icy skin grants him restistance to cold 10.

Gain knowledge: begining at lvl 3, the frost mage gains knowledge of the spell conjure ice beast 1,if he does not already have it. Former wizards get to add this spellto their spell books for free, and former sorcerers and bards get to add this spell to their spells known, even if this takes them over their normal limit. for each two lvls gained in this prestige class, he gains the next higher conjure ice beast spell progression (conjure ice beast 2 at lvl 5 n conjure ice beast3 at lvl 7, and conjure ice beast 4 at lvl 9)at 9th level in addition to gaining conjure icebeast 4 he gains frostfell as a spell known.

Piercing cold: at 4rth level, the frostmage gains piercing cold as a bonus meta magic feat. in addition to the benefits of the feat, the frostmage bypasses all resistances and immunities to cold granted by spells and spell like effects of magic items(ie ring of minor resistance cold) one with the cold: at lvl 10, the frost mage's body has become perfectly adapted to cold energy. HYE gains the cold subtype,granting him immunity to cold. His oneness with cold makes him more susceptible to flame. Just like any other cold subtype ge gains vulnerability to fire, which means he takes half again as much(+50%) damage as normal from fire, regardless whether or not a saving throw is allowed, or if the throw is a successful of a failure.

HD: D4
lvl1 : bab 0, fort 0,reflex 0 will 2: natural armor increase(+1) +1 existing spell class
lvl2: bab +1,fort 0,reflex 0,will 3: resistance to cold +1 existing spell class
lvl 3 bab 1, fort 1 reflex 1, will 3,gain knowledge +1 existing spell casting class
lvl 4:bab 2,fort 1,reflex 1,will 4: natrual armor(+2) piercing cold +1 existing spellcasting class
lvl 5:bab 2 fort 1 reflex 1 will 4 gain knowledge +1 existing spellcasting class
lvl 6:bab 3, fort 2,reflex 2, will 5: +1 existing spellcasting class
lvl 7:bab 3 fort 2,reflex 2, will 5: natural armor increase(+3) gain knowledge +1 existing spellcasting class
lvl 8:Bab 4 fort 2,reflex 2 will +6 +1 existing spellcasting class
lvl 9: bab 4 fort 3,reflex 3,will 6, gain knowledge +1 existing spellcasting class
lvl 10:bab 5, fort 3 reflex 3, will 7: natural armor increase(+4), one with cold +1 existing spellcasting class

frozen magic:in cold areas, spells with the cold descriptor(ie ray of frost off top of my head)cast by you manifest at caster level +1.
if this feat isnt doable drop it from the requirements.

conjure ice beast: this family would require a bunch of new spells to the game, that in turn would summon new creatures with a particular template.
you couls substitute summon creature family for them.

piercing cold feat:
you can only apply this feat to spells that have the cold descriptor. Piercing cold spells are so horribly cold that they are capable of damaging creatures that would normally be unharmed by or resistant to cold. piercing cold spells completely idnore any resistances to cold a a creature pocesses, by passing this resistance and dealing damamge to the target as if it had noresistance to cold at all.They are still entitled to whatever defenses the attack allows( such as saving throws and spell resistance)
creatures normally immune to cold can be damaged by piercing cold spells as well. Piercing cold deals half damage to these creatrues (or 1/4 if successful saving thrpw).
creatures with the fire subtype who take damage from a piercing cold spell take double normal damage instead of
the usual 50%.
A piercing cold spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spells actual level.
(and the frostmage bypasses all cold resistance)

note: piercing cold may or may not work as intended for pnp, but it could do 15 points of damamge just by having it script of 15 hit points of the creature when it hits.

frost fell spell: transmutation(cold)
druid 8,wizard /sorcerer 9
casting time 1 round
range medium(100 ft+ 10 ft per lvl)
area: 20 ft cube/level( i doubt the cube is doable, make it like ice storm)
duration: 1 hr per lvel
saving throw: fortitude partial

the area you designate becomes a frigid and icy enviromentm immediatley dropping the temperature by 3 bands. for example if the temperature is moderate it drops to extreme cold. if the new temperatrue is below the cold band all water is truned into ice and all earth and stone become everfrost to a depth of 10 ft per caster lvl. air within
the area freezes resulting in a heavy snowstormlasting the duration of the spell. snow accumilates only if the temperatrue is below the current band,

living creatures caught with in the area when the spell is castinstantly turninto ice(as per flesh to ice spell). if a creature successfully saves, frost fell deals 1d6 points of cold damage per caster lvl (max 20d6). creatures entering the area after the spell is cast do not take this damage;h0owever all creatures in the area are still subject to the effects of snow,ice and cold for the duration of the spell.

Thank you SteelFireDragon for the info

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