Invisible Blade (PnP)

1: bab+1 fort 0 reflex 2 will 0 dagger sneak attack 1d6 unfettered defense
2: bab+2 fort0 reflex+3 will 0 bleeding wound
3:bab+3 fort 1,reflex 3 will 1: dagger sneak attack uncanny feint(move action)
4: bab+4 fort 1,reflex +4 will 1: feint mastery
5:bab 5 fort 1,reflex+4,will 1: dagger sneak attack +3d6 uncanny feint(free action

Skills: bluff 8( sense motive is other skill and is not doable)
Feats: weapon focus(dagger or kukri)
Hit die 6
Class skills: bluff, craft, move silently, hide, spot and tumble

Weapon and armor proficiency: gains no weapon or armor proficiency
Dagger sneak attack: functions just like sneak attack save only works with daggers or kukri. Gains 1d6 at 1rst lvl , 2d6 at 3rd and 3d6 at 5th level.
Unfetter defense: an invisible blade benefits from an increased survival instinct during combat. Because of this 6th sense, he adds 1 points of intelligence bonus ( if any)per invisible blade level to his armor class in addition to any other modifiers he would normally receive. If the IB is caught flat-footed or otherwise is denied its dex modifier to its ac, he also looses this bonus. Unfetted defense only functions when wielding one or more daggers or kukris and is not wearing armor.
Bleeding wound: an invisible blade of 2nd level or higher who makes a successful sneak attack can choose to deal a bleeding wound, sacrificing 1d6 points of damage from the dagger sneak attack. Such an attack an attack deal damage as normal in the round when the attack hits. Thereafter the wound caused by the invisible blade’s dagger bleeds for 1 point per round. Multiple wounds from the weapon result in a cumulative bleeding loss( two wounds for 2 points of damage per round and so on) the bleeding can be stopped by a heal check dc 15 or the application of a cure wounds spell ot other healing spell. Creatures immune to sneak attack are immune to bleeding wound
Uncanny feint: at 3rd level, an invisible blade gains the ability to feint in combat as a move action rather than a standard action. At 5th level, the character can feint in combat as a free action. Uncanny feint can only be used with a dagger or kukri
Feint mastery: at 4th level, an IB armed with a dagger or kukri become so sure of his ability to mislead opponents that he can take a 10 on bluff checks when feinting in combat even if stress and distraction would normaly do so.

the IB has an update in an errata on the wizards site

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