Order Of The Bow Initiate

Order of the Bow initiate
Hit die: d8
BAB: 5
Skills: craft :weapon(bow making) 5 , lore 2( well it would be knowledge religion, or you can just drop it as a requirement)
Feats: point blank shot, precise shot, rapid shot, and weapon focus bow( any but cross bow)

Lvl 1:bab 1, fort 0,reflex 2, will 2: ranged precision 1d8
Lvl 2: bab 2 ,fort 0,reflex 3, will 3: close combat shot
Lvl 3: bab 3, fort 1,reflex 3,will 3: ranged precision 2d8
Lvl 4: bab 4,fort 1, reflex 4,will 4: greater weapon focus
Lvl 5: bab 5.fort 2,reflex 4,will 4,ranged precision 3d8
Lvl 6: bab 6,fort 2,reflex 5,will 5: sharpshooting
Lvl 7: bab 7,fort 2,reflex 5,will 5,ranged precision 4d8
Lvl 8:bab 8, fort 2,reflex 6,will6
Lvl 9: bab 9 fort 3,reflex 6 will 6, ranged precision 5d6
Lvl 10:bab 10 fort 3,reflex 7,will 7, extended precision.
Skill points per level: 2+ int modifier
Class skills: craft, lore( knowledge religion, drop altogether if need be), spot

Class features:
Weapons and armor: Order of the bow initiates gain no proficiency with any other armor or weapons.
Ranged precision, as a standard action, an initiate may make a single precisely aimed attack with a ranged weapon, dealing out an extra 1d8 points of damage if the attack hits. When making a ranged precision attack, an initiate must be with in 30’ of his target. An initiate’s RPA only works on living creatures with discernable anatomies. Any creature that is immune to critical hits(including undead, oozes, plants, and incorporeal) is not vulnerable to a RPA, and any items that protects a creature from critical hits is ( such as armor with the fortification ability[not in game]) also protects a creature from extra damage. Unlike the rogue’s sneak attack ability, the initiate’s target does not have to be flat footed or denied its dex bonus, but if it is, the initiates RPA stacks with sneak attack damage. Treat the initiate’s RPA as a sneak attack in all other ways.
The initiate’s bonus to damage on RPA increase 1d8 every two levels. An initiate can only use this ability with a weapon for which he has taken the weapon focus feat.
Close Combat: at 2nd level, an initiate can attack with a ranged weapon while in a threatened square and not provoke an attack of opportunity.
Greater Weapon focus: at 4th level, an order of the bow initiate gains the greater weapon focus feat with a single ranged weapon for which he has taken the weapon focus feat even if he hasn’t attained the 8th level as a fighter.
Sharp-shooting: at 6th level, an initiate gains the sharp shooting feat(see below) even if he has not met the prerequisites.
Extended precision : a 10th level Order of the bow initiate’s senses and “feel for the shot” become so attuned that he may make RPA(and sneak attacks if he has the ability) at a range of up to60’.

Sharp shooting {general} feat: your skill with ranged weapons lets you score hits others would miss due to an opponent’s cover.
Prerequisites: point blank shot, precise shot BAB 3
Benefit: your targets only receive +2 bonus to ac due to cover. This feat has ni effect against foes with no or total cover.
Normal: cover normally gives a +4 bonus.
Special: a fighter may choose this feat as one of his bonus fighter feats.
[opinionated Sharp Shooting feat note]: being that I have absolutely no idea how and if cover works in nwn2, it might be easier to just grant a +2 to the attack bonus.

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