Peerless Archer

BAB +7
Skills: craft weapon (bow making in pnp) 10 ranks
Feats: point blank precise shot (others are farshot and quick draw, don’t think either are in)

Class Features:

Hit die: d10

Class skills: Craft weapon, spot, hide, survival

Weapons and armor proficiency: gains no proficiency with either armor or weapons

Expert bowyer: a peerless archer understands her weapon on a fundamental level that most trained soldiers never achieve. At 1st level the peerless archer gains a +3 on all weapon skill checks.

Ranged sneak attack: this functions just like sneak attack of the rogue, except the pc must be in light or no armor. It also stacks with sneak attack from another source.

Sharp shooting: A peerless archer’s skill with her bow allows her to strike accurately at foes, even when they are attempting to take advantage of cover or concealment. Beginning at 2nd level, a peerless archer’s targets receive cover or concealment one step worst than they should. For example, a target with ¾ cover is treated as if he had ½ cover. At 5th level the peerless archer ignores two steps of cover or concealment, so the target would be treated as if it had ¼ instead of ¾ cover. At 9th level a peerless archer ignores 3 steps of cover or concealment. This ability has no effect to creatures with total cover.

Fletching: at 2nd level, a peerless archer gains the ability to create magic arrows (and only arrows)with the +1 enhancement bonus, as if she possesd the craft magic arms and armor feat and met all other requirements for the arrow she wishes to make. At 4th ,6th,8th and 10th levels, the bonus of the arrows she can create with this ability increase to =2,=3,-4,-5, respectively.

Crafting arrows: crafting a masterwork arrow requires 5 gp in materials, a workshop of some kind, ad 2 days per arrow( this is an approximation of the average results of the craft skills; if you wish to calculate exactly how long it tales, refer to the craft skill description)

Enhancing arrows : in addition to the arrows to be created, a peerless archer must use materials and spend xp to create arrows with an enhancement bonus, as shown below.

Power shot: At 3rd level, the peerless archer learns how to make devastatingly powerful bow shots. On her action, before making any attack rolls, she may decide tosubtract a number from all ranged and add the same number to her damage rolls. This number may not exceed her bab. The penalty on her attack rolls and bonus on her damage rolls apply until her next turn.

Threaten: At 8ty level, a peerless archer gains the ability to threaten all nearby areas with her bow as if she were wielding a melee weapon when wearing light or no armor. She looses this ability when fighting in medium or heavy armor. Her bow functions as a reach weapon, threatening everything 10 ft away but not immediately adjacent to her.Any attacks of opportunity she receives because she threatens nearby area are normal ranged attacks.

lvl1: bab 1 fort save +2,reflex 0,will 0: expert bowyer,ranged sneak attack 1d6
lvl 2: bab 2 fort +3,reflex 0 will 0: sharp shooting fletching +1
lvl 3: bab +3,fort 3 reflex 1,will 1:power shot
lvl 4 bab +4,fort 4,reflex 1,will 1:ranged sneak attacl 2d6, fletching +2
lvl 5:bab +5, fort 4,reflex 1,will 1: sharp shooting 2
lvl 6: bab 6,fort 5,reflex 2,will 2: fletching +3
lvl7:bab +7, fort 5,reflex 2,will 2:ranged sneak attack 3d6
lvl 8: bab +8, fort 6,reflex 2,will 2: threaten, fletching+4
lvl 9:bab+9 fort 6,reflex 3,will 3: sharpshooting 3
10th:bab+ 10,fort 7,reflex 3,will 3: ranged sneak attack 4d6,fletching +5.

Thanks to SteelFireDragon for the info

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