The swashbuckler's combat abilities make her a force to be reckoned with in battle, but the style with which she performs them makes her a truly memorable foe.

The swashbuckler class offers a solid base of fighting ability, plus plenty of room for customization. Swashbucklers can be fighting acrobats, professionals who lead double lives, glib negotiators, smugglers, pirates, or just about any characters who favor wit and style over brute force.


Class Features:

- Alignment Restrictions: Any

- Hit Die: d10

- Base Attack Bonus: High.

- High Saves: Fortitude.

- Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and martial weapons.

- Armor Proficiencies: Light armor.

- Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier per level, x4 at first level.

- Class Skills: Bluff, Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Diplomacy, Lore, Parry, Taunt, Tumble.

- Weapon Finesse: The Swashbuckler gains the Weapon Finesse feat for free.

- Grace: Starting at 2nd level, a Swashbuckler gains +1 to his reflex saving throw as long as he is wearing Light or no armor and is unencumbered. This bonus increases by +1 every 9 levels thereafter.

- Insightful Strike: At 3rd level, a Swashbuckler adds his Intelligence modifier to his weapon damage when using a Finesse weapon. This ability does not work on creatures immune to critical hits.

- Swashbuckler Dodge: Starting at 5th level, the Swashbuckler gains a +1 Dodge Bonus to his Armor Class as long as he is wearing light or no armor and is not encumbered. This bonus increases by +1 every 5 levels thereafter.

- Acrobatic Charge At 7th level, the Swashbuckler gains acrobatic speed and gains the the Dash feat for free.

- Opportunist: At 8th level, the Swashbuckler becomes especially adapt at striking opportunistic blows and gets the Opportunist feat for free.

- Lucky: At 11th level, the Swashbuckler has Lady Luck smiling down upon him. He gains the Lucky feat for free.

- Acrobatic Skill Mastery: At 13th level, the Swashbuckler gains acrobatic mobility and gains the the Skill Focus: Tumble feat for free.

- Weakening Critical: When the Swashbuckler reaches 14th level, the Swashbuckler becomes extra adapt at damaging vital areas. When he strikes a critical hit on an opponent, he will also cause 2 Strength damage. At 19th level the swashbuckler will cause 2 Constitution damage in addition to the Strength damage on critical hits.

- Slippery Mind: At 17th level, the Swashbuckler receives an extra chance to save against Mind affecting effects because of his amazing strength of will. He gets the Slippery Mind feat for free.

I've done my best to make all class feats as passive as I could. That means that you generally have to activate it only once, and it will stay activated until it is disallowed (for example too heavy armor). I've made a feat which will activate all class abilities if they are not yet activated. This is helpful after dying or if you have doubts if a certain class feature is actually set on. If for whatever reason you wish to deactivate a class ability, you will have to use the class feats themselves for it. Since I'm very lazy myself and love that recommended button, I've also added two packages to choose from, so you can press the recommended button on levelups.

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