Warlock Buddy

Current version: v1.11

What does this thingy do?

Basically, it makes the life of a warlock much easier. It automatically recasts your buffs when you're not in combat. The little Warlock Buddy GUI consists of 5 toggle buttons.

  • General buff toggle: This automatically (and instantly) casts all your long lasting buffs. Should for whatever reason your buffs expire (because you rested or perhaps because you died), then it'll recast the buffs automatically.
  • Invisibility toggle: This automatically buffs your Walk Unseen for you when out of combat. When you get Retributive Invisbility, both spells will be cast. Retributive Invisibility only has a 3 round duration, so if you're out of luck, it expires right when you walk in to combat. Fortunately, Walk unseen will also still be cast, so even if the improved invisibility fades, so still remain unseen. If you want to be sure that you keep your improved invisibility, it's still possible to cast the spell manually from the quickcast, ensuring you have a 3 round duration. If you want to hide in combat, you'll also have to cast the invisibility spells manually.
  • Flee the Scene toggle: This will continually recast Flee the Scene for you when not in combat. You and your party will travel hasted without you having to do anything for it besides toggling on this button.
  • Dark Foresight toggle: This will recast Dark Foresight for you when out of combat. You'll get a fresh new layer of 150 points damage reduction without having to go to the trouble of recasting the buff yourself. Just like with the other buffs, when you want a recast IN combat, you'll have to do it yourself, since automatic and instant recasting during combat would be cheating ;)
  • Hideous Blow toggle: The skill that started it all. This toggle button will instantly cast Hideous Blow for you and it will keep recasting it for you every round. When this skill is toggled on, it will also display a list of all essences to choose from. This makes it possible to change your Hideous Blow essence mid combat.

And the good thing, it has it's own scripts, so it won't mess with any other spell changes you may have. The only file that could possibly allready be used is a
custom quickcast GUI. (quickspell.xml).


- Put all the files in the override
- Go to your installation directory and go to UI\default (C:\neverwinter nights 2\UI\default). Look for a file called ingamegui.ini or ingameguix1.ini and add the below line at the bottom of the first list called [MandatoryGUI]. I added it to both files to be sure (x1 is probably the game used when MOTB is installed, but I wanted to be sure).


Should you allready have a custom Quickspell.xml, then open my quickspell.xml and look for the button called WarlockToggle, should be below the spontanious conversion toggle. Be sure to copy the entire button entry (about 10 lines) and paste it into your other quickcast GUI.

For those wondering how to get the Warlock GUI to appear: There's a toggle for the warlock GUI below where the spontanious metamagic toggle is, right next to the metamagic pane of the quickcast menu. That's it. As easy as that :)

- Draco Rayne


Here's a link to the Vault entry: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2Other.Detail&id=136

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